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Collections > Real Estate > 2008
4th Annual Title and Off-Title Searching, Toronto, Ont., January 14, 2008 (7 CLE Articles)
Commercial Mortgage Transactions: Complex Issues in Documentation and Due Diligence, Toronto, Ont., (10 CLE Articles)
Six-Minute Commercial Leasing Lawyer 2008, Toronto, Ont., February 13, 2008 (23 CLE Articles)
5th Annual Six-Minute Municipal Lawyer, Toronto, Ont., March 5, 2008 (18 CLE Articles)
5th Annual Real Estate Law Summit. Day 2, Toronto, Ont., April 17, 2008 (9 CLE Articles)
5th Annual Real Estate Law Summit. Day 1, Toronto, Ont., April 16, 2008 (12 CLE Articles)
Annotated Agreement of Purchase and Sale for Residential Property 2008, Toronto, Ont., June 3, 2008 (4 CLE Articles)
New Canadian Standard Construction Contract (CCDC2-2008): What You Need to Know, Toronto, Ont., June (12 CLE Articles)
Power of Sale Essentials, Toronto, Ont., September 17, 2008 (6 CLE Articles)
Commercial Leasing Essentials: Leasing in a Time of Economic Change, Toronto, Ont., September 24, 20 (6 CLE Articles)
PPSA for Real Estate and Business Lawyers: Best Practices for Secured Transactions Involving Persona (7 CLE Articles)
Six-Minute Real Estate Lawyer 2008, Toronto, Ont., November 6, 2008 (24 CLE Articles)
Real Estate Law, Toronto, Ont., December 10, 2008 (6 CLE Articles)
7th Annual Real Estate for Law Clerks, Toronto, Ont., October 23, 2008 (12 CLE Articles)

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